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In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.

May 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which summer arrives and I wallow in it’s wonderfulness)


Let me begin with a question: how is it possible that May is finished and June is well upon us?!?

This time of year makes me want to pack up everything and move back to camp, but I distract myself with my husband and my job and this blog and hope that everything will be okay. And it usually is. ūüôā Frequent trips to the beach and to Captain Sundae’s also help.

But before we fully move into June, let’s look back at May. Mmmmk?

Personal…Just For Fun:

Friday Flashback: Bachelor Edition (in which I take you back to a scary place in our lives)

Graduation Day (in which I find myself one step closer to retirement)

Spring=Lambs (in which we enjoy a practically perfect evening)1


Hexagon Magazine Collage (in which I use cut and paste skills I acquired as a kindergartner)

Happy Yellow Task Lamp (in which I give you a rare glimpse into my fragile emotional state)

Banishing the White Elephant (in which I celebrate the start of spray paint season)

Un-Upholstering a Parsons Chair (in which I try to imitate Restoration Hardware and basically succeed)

Embroidered Pictures (in which I overcome the urge to keep a commissioned gift for myself)

Sponge-Painted Thrift Store Art (in which I discuss my feelings on internet trolls and overcome selfishness once again all in the same post)


Home Decor:

$2 Kitchen Bling (in which I update our kitchen into the mid-1990s at least)

Updated Living Room (in which Ken makes pancakes and I fritter time away on this blog)

Pottery Barn-Style Home Tour (in which I become dehydrated from drooling so much)

And Finally, a Recipe:

Epic Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (in which I make cake, mousse, and ganache and mash it all together)

My favorite project this month was the sponge painted artwork¬†(which now lives in Canada…sniffle), but life-wise, Ken’s graduation and birthday were this month’s highlights. He’s kind of my favorite person.


4 thoughts on “May 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which summer arrives and I wallow in it’s wonderfulness)

  1. Hi, Anne – I always enjoy reading your writing, and I am such a DIY-er that it’s a double kick. Thanks for the joy! But at the moment I’m trying to find your post on the spring lambs, yet the link above takes me to Graduation Day instead. Can you help me out? Thanks!

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