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March 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I gently force you to take a look at last month’s happenings)


I am currently on my way to the Detroit Tiger’s home opener and am therefore not crafting right at the moment. Which leaves me with little to blog about…except for all of the things I blogged about in March (can you believe it’s already April!?! I’m thrilled.).

So, if you’re new here, check out some of the fun things that happened last month. Or if you’re a regular reader, go ahead and refresh your memory. Perhaps you’ll get inspired…if so, let me know because I would in turn like to be inspired by your inspired craft. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Personal…Just For Fun:

Friday Flashback (in which I willingly and gleefully smear chocolate cake batter on my face)

 Let’s Talk Budgeting (in which I force a spreadsheet upon you)

Blogger Bests (in which I momentarily distract you from my appalling lack of motivation)

Friday Flashback (in which there is foreshadowing)

Happy Easter (in which I bedeck myself in florals to celebrate the resurrection)

crafts collage march 2013


Adding Words to Artwork (in which I attempt to minimize the amount of times I freak out per day)

Painted Brass Candlesticks (in which I makeover a previous makeover)

Geometric Star (in which I realize just how spatially challenged I really am)

home decor collage march 2013

Home Decor:

Master Bedroom Reveal (in which a room is finally finished after more than two decades of planning)

Giant $12 Map Frame (in which we get sawdust in the sink…and everywhere else, too)

Stormy Ocean Artwork (in which I spend 1/3 of my budgeted allowance on watery decor)

Making a Picture Frame Bigger Without Actually Making It Bigger (in which I use a power tool and don’t die)

recipe collage march 2013

And Finally, a Recipe (or two):

Pesto Pepperoni Breadsticks (in which I go a little crazy for basil)

Jam Cobbler Bars (in which I present a three-layer dessert that uses only 5 ingredients)

And in other, not-blogged news, Ken and Anne bought a new-to-us Ford Fusion to replace my (somewhat) trusty ’99 Altima. It’s been swell so far. We also did nothing over Kenny’s Spring Break (unless baked goods count) and played 1 million games of Set.

Wild lives we lead, I’m telling you.

What are you up to these days? Any favorite projects you completed? I think my fave project from March has to be the giant map frame…I now feel like a grown up in a home rather than a college student in a poster-plastered dorm room…

Can’t get enough? I thought so. Check out January’s recap here and February’s recap here!


3 thoughts on “March 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I gently force you to take a look at last month’s happenings)

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