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June 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I panic over the quickly fleeting summertime)

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Summer is going really, really fast. It’s about this time of year when I get a little bit like this and start running around in circles:

calvin july

Yes. With those exact crazy-eyes. Ken can attest to that. There’s more to do! We have to pack in more fun!!! AHHH!

Because of my tendency to panic, it’s a good thing I’ve developed a habit of looking back over the past month’s fun that was had. This time, it’s June’s turn. Check out these old (yet recent) posts.

Personal…Just For Fun:

Where Did the Weekend Go?!? (in which I compose the shortest post ever)

Friday Flashback: Husband Edition (in which I share two rare sightings of Ken being crafty)

Roughing It (in which Ken and Anne go camping in the barren wilderness, aka a campground)

On Writing and Wearing Out (in which I try to compose a list of three things but can only get to two)

Gone Fishing, or Something (in which I sort of DIY some technology)



Dad’s Kayaks (in which I am jealous of a Sunday School class of 12-year-old boys)

Color-Blocked Clock (in which I literally deface an object in multiple senses of the word)


Home Decor:

Reupholstering a Parson’s Chair Part 2.5 (in which I inadvertently give my chair a mullet)

House Tour: Sunny Beach House (in which I make plans to build a bunkroom in our apartment)

Flashback Friday: A Story of a TV Stand (in which I realized I really loved my boyfriend/fiance/husband)

House Tour: Colorful and Modern (in which I step into a real-life version of an Ikea catalog)


June was also the month were I embraced instagram (@annie88b–I need followers) and added a better blogroll under the blog header.

Kenny’s deep into studying for the bar exam (law student, psssht) and I mainly just frolic about doing nothing (not–see above post). We’re hoping to make some sort of vacation getaway happen in August for our first anniversary, but that month will be here before we know it! RESUME PANICKING.

Can’t get enough? I thought so. Check out these old recaps: JanuaryFebruary, March, April, and May.


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