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April 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which we finally dry off and look forward to sweet summertime)


April is done. Which means that it’s basically SUMMER. At least, occasionally. A snowstorm at this point would not surprise me at all.

The theme of this month, basically, was rain. It rained every single day, 24 hours a day (almost). April showers had better bring May flowers, or someone is going to throw a hissy fit. (Not joking about the rain thing. April in Grand Rapids was the third wettest month EVER. Not the third wettest April…the third wettest MONTH. Here is proof I’m not just making this stuff up.

Anyway, since April is done (yay!), let’s look back at everything that happened… Humor me. I’m nostalgic like this.

Personal…Just For Fun:

Weekend Wanderings (in which I sunbathe on the beach in a winter coat)

Detroit Tiger’s Home Opener (in which some guys play a friendly game of baseball and a bunch of people watch)

Friday Flashback: Vacuum Riding (in which one photo explains my entire philosophy of cleaning)

Rain, Rain, Go Away (in which everything is wet)

So Much Water (in which I share about our soggy carpet and soggy city)

Getting Fancy with Frederick Meijer (in which Ken and Anne prance around some gardens in nice clothes)

Beachy Evenings (in which you are inundated with sunset pictures)april 2013

Craftiness/Home Decor:

Wrapped Wine Bottles (in which I try to validate my hoarder-like tendencies)

Cross-Stitch Painting (in which I very nearly veer into the realm of “granny-chic”)

Going Green (in which I come up with a new strategy for saving the earth)

Framing a Flat Canvas (in which another deer gallops its way into our apartment)

Rainy Day Artwork (in which the Michigan monsoon season inspires drippy home decor)

Curled Book Page Wreath (in which I finally take down the last of our Christmas decorations)April 2013

And Finally, a Sales Pitch:

Luxury Link (in which I book a very affordable vacation, even by my standards)

To summarize: Ken and Anne went to the beach a bunch and our city flooded. And Anne did crafts, the one constant in the world. Although, with the weather as nice as it is hopefully going to be in May, there is really no guarantee of even that anymore.

What was your favorite post? I admit, and this may be weird, but one of my favorite thrift store makeovers ever was that cross-stitch painting. It is just quirky enough for my tastes. Or, better yet, tell me what you’ve been up to! If you’re a blogger, share a link in the comments so we can all see. Come now…don’t be selfish. 🙂


5 thoughts on “April 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which we finally dry off and look forward to sweet summertime)

  1. You are adorable and I want to have your black dress. Pleeeeeeease!?

    • Oh, girl, we are going to have to fight for that dress! It’s my fave. 🙂 I almost passed it up when I came across it in college for $25…$25 is a lot of dollars for a college student!

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