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February 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I recall a whole bunch of excellent things)


In the interest of recapping the previous month’s worth of blog posts before all of our memories from that time have expired (unlike last time), I now present you with the February 2013 Bloggy Recap. ‘Twill be hard to top February, as it was my favorite month on the blog yet, and by far. SO MANY great things happened…and usually February is such a dud of a month. Not this year, friends. Not this year.

Let’s recall.

February 2013 Recap

Personal…Just For Fun:

Thrift Shop Challenge (in which my soul apparently longeth after secondhand mammals)

Hey Girl (in which my husband soundly trumps Ryan Gosling)

One Last Hey Girl and a New Face Accessory (in which I finally–and ironically–conform)

February 2013 Recap


Doily Wreath with Mini Pennant Banner (in which I may have outsourced a craft to a pharmacy)

Putty Knife Painting (in which I introduce fairy princesses into our apartment decor)

Purple Herringbone Painted Canvas Rug (in which I reveal just how cheap I actually am)

February 2013 Recap

Home Decor:

Master Bedroom Makeover: Flooring (in which I *almost* take credit for something I wasn’t even there for)

Gallery Wall Version 28.0 (in which I halfheartedly attempt to decorate like an adult while simultaneously clinging on to my childhood)

Master Bedroom Makeover: Homemade Curtain Rods (in which we use drawer knobs and electrical conduit to hang drapery)

Master Bedroom Makeover: No-Sew Dropcloth Curtains (in which we use painting supplies to make fake drapes)

More Thrift Store Art Work (in which I hang a Van Gogh in the bathroom)

Antique Doorknob Hooks (in which I continue to let Dad produce content for the blog and pass it off as my own)

reese's peanut butter cup chocolate chip cookies

And Finally, a Recipe:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookies (in which my husband and I display what can only be described as a disgusting amount of self control)

I also broke all blog records (set by myself, of course) in terms of stats, which indicates to me that I have awesome readers. I could be wrong on that count, but let’s just say I have a strong suspicion that you guys are very cool. So. Thanks for that.

Here’s to a great March…well, the second half, at least.

Oh, and I have to ask. What was your favorite post? I am obviously ineligible to decide, since I love them all equally and favoritism is not cool. So, do tell.


10 thoughts on “February 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which I recall a whole bunch of excellent things)

  1. I pinned your curtains, and they’ve been repinned over and over!

  2. The whole room re-do series. =)

    • An excellent choice/cop out answer since that’s like a whole bundle of posts.

      Speaking of, what are we going to tackle next? I need more blog fodder. 🙂

  3. Its a toss up for me between the bedroom redo, and the hey-girl (cause that one made me giggle a lot 😉 )

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