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Friday Flashback: Bachelor Edition (in which I take you back to a scary place in our lives)


A long time ago, Kenny and I were not married. It kind of seems like a different lifetime, but it’s been only a few months in reality.

This Friday flashback goes back to that point in our lives. Brace yourself.

Kenny lived in Lansing and went to law school. This was his bachelor apartment.

Kenny's Lansing Apartment Living Room

You entered the apartment directly into the living room (see the above door on the left).

Kenny had some nice furniture from his parents, so the apartment had that going for him. We still use that sofa (slipcovered) and chair-and-a-half in our living room.

Here’s the kitchen, which was directly off the living room. Soon after Kenny moved in, we hit up the dollar store and local bookstore to create a manly gallery wall. Other than that, the kitchen was a sea of many shades of white. Gray is so last year.

Kenny's Lansing Apartment

We obviously staged this photo with the classy “mid-dinner-preparation” look. 🙂

And of course, Kenny loves maps, so he hung a map in his dining room. Note: The Vera Bradley lunchbox and camera case are mine, not Ken’s. I know you were probably wondering.

Kenny's Lansing Apartment Dining Room

And finally, here is Keny’s classy bedroom/bike storage area. The decor is his college diploma. Can you say “narcissist”? 😉

Kenny's Lansing Apartment Bedroom

Also–that black nightstand was one of Kenny’s first thrift store makeovers he ever tackled. That’s what made me really love him. 🙂 Unfortunately, he didn’t love his finished product, so when he moved out, he left it by the dumpster.

Looking at these pictures really doesn’t make me miss this time in our lives. I would much rather live with Kenny. And I know he loves my craft projects and crazy decor choices.

I’m also rather pleased that Kenny’s bike has a storage space that is not in our bedroom.

Have a great weekend! What’s your plans? Ken will be studying for his law school exams (last ones!!!). So that means I will be seeking to quietly entertain myself. I’m becoming an expert at that. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: Bachelor Edition (in which I take you back to a scary place in our lives)

  1. For a bachelor, the joint is surprisingly clean. I’m impressed. But I think you do cozy up a place quite nicely.

    Men are so terrible at that!

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