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Updated Living Room (in which Ken makes pancakes and I fritter time away on this blog)


It’s been awhile since I updated you on the status of our living room. The last time was documented here, and it’s changed quite a bit since then. So, on Saturday morning while Ken made pancakes, I grabbed the opportunity to stash away the mess in other rooms and grab these photos.

Here’s one of our 3 sets of north-facing windows. You can see another window set in the dining room to the left; the other window is in the bedroom. We’re the ground level apartment and there’s a balcony/deck directly above these windows, so yes, it does feel like living in a cave sometimes. But Ken and I are hermits at heart, so we like caves.

living room ikea curtains

If you’ll pivot with me to the right, you can see our map frame. Ken and I are still super proud of this mini-construction project we undertook.

The lamp is an $8 thrift store find, and I splurged on a fake orchid, since cave-like apartments are not  at all conducive to keeping plants alive. Oh, and I also restained the coffee table awhile ago.

living room map frame

Continuing the pivot, you can next see our little reading nook and “office space.” For reference, the bathroom and bedroom is through the doorway on the left; the entry hallway is to the right.

Here you can see several projects I’ve done since we’ve moved here: the yellow spray-painted task lamp, the engineer horse print, the Reader’s Digest books, and the brooch bouquet from our wedding.


Here’s a closer look at my favorite space in our apartment–it’s kind of like a reading nook. I painted those purple candlesticks (multiple times) and the silver elephant (also multiple times) and made the pillow on the chair.


And finally, here’s the last wall of our apartment. Kenny built that TV stand and it’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture. If there were a fire, I’d grab it first…but then I’d probably be overcome by smoke inhalation because the TV stand is a million pounds at least. But I’d try.

Project pictured here: the green seagulls, the adapted frame (the left one with the tree/shrubbery), and the silver star made out of straws that you can barely see in this picture.

living room ana white tv stand

I’ll update the apartment tour with these photos (and others!) in time, but now, the Parade of Homes is calling my name. More on that later, FOR SURE.


3 thoughts on “Updated Living Room (in which Ken makes pancakes and I fritter time away on this blog)

  1. I love your use of space! I still think I need to hire you to redecorate for me…. And I love that oversized chair!

  2. I love the framed map! If I ever get to the point where I get to decorate, can I hire you to come help?

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