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In which I make a pillow out of a placemat and a napkin while watching Harry Potter 6


This weekend, as part of “birthday weekend festivities,” Ken indulged me and we went to World Market, where I stumbled upon these:

a placemat (striped) and a napkin (green), priced at $2.48 and $.99.

There was only one of each //sadface// but I got them anyway. The colors in the placemat won me over–and aren’t really reflected that well in the photo. It’s not so girly as it looks–there’s a red stripe in it and some orange that keeps it looking classy. And the texture is so, so awesome. The napkin has this diamond texture that is quite subtle and lovely.

Anyway, I made them into a pillow.

I first pinned the placemat to the (slightly larger) napkin, right sides together:

The Hope College-colored pins are completely unintentional. And yes, my sewing machine is OLD.

I then sewed around 3 of the four sides of the placemat, leaving one short side open for stuffing.

My sewing machine has been struggling lately with sewing through layers, so this was NOT as easy as I expected.

Meanwhile, Kenny was doing this:

I then turned it inside-out and stuffed it with the innards of an old throw pillow, and then I pinned it closed.

Next, I began watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Kenny. This step is optional.

While I did that, I slip-stitched the edges closed:

Which left me with a seam that looked like this:

I actually liked this side so well that I undid the opposite end and slip-stitched that side too. Then I was left with a pillow. 🙂


6 thoughts on “In which I make a pillow out of a placemat and a napkin while watching Harry Potter 6

  1. Hurray! Hand-made pillows with lots of creativity are the BEST.

  2. You can make me one! LOL I LOVE the colors! 🙂

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