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Birthday Freebies (in which I am shamelessly and joyfully frugal)



I’m still basking in the glow of Birthday Month. The cake! The songs (actually hate that part)! The extra attention (dislike that part too)! The reminder that I’m aging (shoot, I don’t like that either, I guess)! The freebies!

Wait. //comes to screeching halt//

You mean I can get something for free?!?!

You had better believe I’m down with that. As you may know, I love a great deal. And nothing beats free in my book. (Except for perhaps a few things.)

Here’s a record of a few of my favorite freebies that I got this year in the West Michigan area…unfortunately, this is mainly a record for myself since 12 months is a long time to remember where to get the best freebies…fortunately for you, this is a public blog, so you can sign up for all this awesomeness yourself.

My hands-down favorite freebie is from Noodles & Co–on your birthday, if you’re signed up to receive their emails, they give you a free bowl of noodles (the regular size, not the small!) WITH meat if you so desire! And desire I did. I got good ol’ Wisconsin Mac-n-Cheese with Parmesan Encrusted Chicken.

Red Robin is also a favorite birthday freebie–if you’re a part of their Red Royalty rewards program (you get a card and everything), you get a free burger with unlimited fries. (When you sign up for the program, you also get a free appetizer.) Kenny got a burger and I got nachos–the waitress was cool with him getting the burger for free. 🙂 //downside: I got sang to when they brought out my free birthday sundae…but. WORTH IT for the ice cream.//

We also took advantage of a free handcrafted burger from Ruby Tuesday. This one we could get TueGo (haha, a pun!), so we split it and had a totally free meal. It came with 2 sides…we of coursed nixed the healthy veggies and went with french fries and onion rings. Mmmm.

Moe’s Southwest Grill was a new one for me, but I’ll definitely be going back–you get a free entree for your birthday (any entree!) and every entree comes with chips. When you sign up to receive their emails, you get a coupon for a free bowl of queso and they let me get that too (which may depend on your server–just ask), so I had TONS of chips and an excellent, Chipotle-sized burrito. FOR FREE. Ooooogoood.

Of course, IHOP is also a birthday staple. I, uh, went on my own and was *that* person, eating alone in a restaurant. I actually quite enjoyed it…and the free food was great too. They give you a free meal for signing up for their Pancake Revolution emails as well as a free meal on your birthday and on your 1 year anniversary of joining the Pancake Revolution.


Other birthday freebies of note:

Culver’s: free 1-scoop Sundae

Baskin Robbins: free ice cream

Sonic: free Creamslush or tatertots or… something else. There was a third option, but I forget…

Swagbucks: you get a free 50 points on your birthday. 🙂

…and these are just the ones I took advantage of this year–there are a TON more, and lots of buy 1 get 1 free coupons that I got (or free dessert when you buy an entree). For more ideas of where to get birthday freebies, try hip2save’s list.

And now lets add to my list! I’m already counting down to Kenny’s birthday…I’m hoping that since I shared the birthday love with him, he’ll share with me, right? (RIGHT, Ken???) Where’s your favorite place to get birthday freebies?


3 thoughts on “Birthday Freebies (in which I am shamelessly and joyfully frugal)

  1. Don’t forget Old Chicago and free medium pizza! You have to sign up for their beer tour program I think, but that’s free and you get a nifty card.

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