Planting Sequoias

In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.

Stalk the Apartment

See how it looked like when we moved in here. Yikes!

Now that we’re more settled, take a peek into our bathroom:

Here’s our bedroom:

Kitchen/Dining Room:

oil painting seascape painting in kitchen with navy frame


Here’s a better view, but with the old gallery wall in the dining room:


Here’s the updated gallery wall.

dining room gallery wall for a grown up

Here’s our office space and living room all rolled into one.

living room

living room reading nook

living room map frame

living room ana white tv stand

Check back often–we’re constantly updating things around here!


5 thoughts on “Stalk the Apartment

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  3. I’m being a complete stalker, which is better than a lurker, right? I love the apt. I have the same aqua and wood (a la Target?) set. Can we be friends?

  4. New Stalker here. I love your apartment! Ikea and Targay are my favorites, too.

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