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January 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which late is better than never, right?)


Do you know those items that you jot down on your to-do list that end up just languishing there indefinitely? You can never really finish your list because you always intend to get to that one nagging item, but somehow other things just always seem more important.

Well. On my list has been “monthly blogging recaps.” I love it when bloggers give an overview of the past month’s posts. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I give you full permission to sit this one out, because really, it is just regurgitated content. I know. But come back on Wednesday, when there mayyyy be a room makeover reveal post coming. If you’ve been following along you know the one.

Or, take a moment to frolic down memory lane with me. It’ll be a good time.

skiing and chaco tan line


Bucket List Item #2 (in which I am quaking in my boots)

Chaco Tan Lines (in which I make you long for summer by sharing photos of my feet)

In With the New (in which I forcefully shove my blog’s design into 2013)

b 0


Lace Infinity Scarf Tutorial (in which I give you a perfectly valid reason to purchase frilly thrift store curtains)

Elephant Decor (in which I walk the thin line between eccentric and whimsical)

String Art (in which I admit to using litter in a craft project)

My Foray Into Watercolor Painting (in which I become a mixologist of both paint-water and cocktails and find it hard to visually differentiate between the two)

c 0

Home Decor:

Fine Art Gallery Wall (in which I question whether or not to put a bird on it)

Dark-Stained Wood Furniture (in which Anne composes an elaborate story around Ken’s fictitious thoughts)

Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1 (in which we gleefully say bye-bye to butterfly wallpaper)

Master Bedroom Makeover: Dark Painted Ceiling (in which I embrace a new trend whilst having a terrible haircut)

Master Bedroom Board and Batten (in which I learn how to wield a nail gun)

Master Bedroom Makeover: Craftsman-style Wood Trim (in which we cleverly use waxed paper in a carpentry project)

Master Bedroom Makeover: Carpet Removal 101 (in which we unearth bushels of antique dirt)

So as you can see, January was a busy month! Just wait until I get to February’s recap…in like June. In theory, I would eventually categorize all of the blog this way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. One month at a time, please.

Now, do tell. What were you up to back in the day in January? Luckily I have a blog record of some of my activities or these memories would never be recalled…


8 thoughts on “January 2013 Bloggy Recap (in which late is better than never, right?)

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