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Gone Fishing, or Something (in which I sort of DIY some technology)


Surprise! Yesterday I went on my second plane ride ever and am in St. Louis on a business trip (ICRS, for my publishing friends and/or inquiring minds). It is also my first time in Missouri. I have high hopes…that I’ll be allowed outside at least once while I’m here. But we’ll see.

This weekend, I spent literally hours on this little graphic that I put on the right side of ye ol’ blog.

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This totally counts as a DIY project, right? (I used this tutorial and these buttons and this magical program.)

Each button is clickable, so that means you should click on them…if for no other reason that to help me justify having spent so much time on this.


Also. Facebook is dumb and only shows my posts to a small percentage of the page’s fans.

But there is still hope for you.

First, like the page.

Next, hover over the “Liked” button and make sure “Show in News Feed” is selected.

Like this.

facebook 1

Then click “Settings,” right below the news feed thing and click ALL UPDATES.

facebook 2

Then we’ll be even MORE intimately connected! (Obvious goal.)


One last thing. I updated my list of favorite blogs. You can now access it at the top of the blog under the header or by clicking here.

I get back late Tuesday night. Please do not rob Ken while I am away. Also, I may have an awesome craft that includes the colors mint and gold (winning combo) going live Wednesday, so you should stop back soon.

Love, Anne.


10 thoughts on “Gone Fishing, or Something (in which I sort of DIY some technology)

  1. I’m in St Louis! Next time you’re here, let me know and we can grab lunch or drinks 🙂

  2. Oh, please do a post on ICRS! I’d love to hear about it from your fun and ever-so-slightly quirky POV.

    I will barely rob Ken, I promise.

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  4. Many weeks later, and now I am in desperate need of the social media icon tutorial! Thanks a million-billion.

    • Oh hooray! Glad I could “help!”

      • Okay, now I’m stumped. I have the pretty little icons and I have my code. But her directions don’t match with my WordPress options.

        Where did you put the html code? Into the URL link in the Image Widget? Or into the image itself in the media options? Or some other random place I don’t even know about?

        Gak! Gurgle! Going under!

      • NEVER MIND!! I just tried one more random thing (text widget) and it popped up like magic. In my mind text and images are different things, but what the heck do I know? It works. Thanks again for the links!

      • Yes! Text widget it is. Glad you figured it out. Phwew!

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