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670 Square Feet of…Awesome (in which we question our sanity, or lack thereof)


Kenny and I put more than 200 miles on a 17 foot long uHaul on Saturday.

Here’s how it went down: Kenny picked me up from my apartment at 7:40 and we picked up the uHaul at 8am. We drove the hour to Lansing (I was an ever-so-helpful passenger-seat driver). Once there, we packed up all of his furniture and the remaining belongings from his apartment, filling 90% of the uHaul. Please note we did this with just the two of us. His mattress weighs as much as 6 elephants.

We jetted out of there around 10:30 and had to stop at the uHaul place again when we got to Grand Rapids because I forgot my keys, and then we made it to my apartment. We jammed the last 10% of the uHaul full with some of my things and munched on Jimmy John’s.
Then we finally headed over to the new apartment, where we unloaded everything. It was not the most fun time I’ve ever had.

But we weren’t done yet–we had to drop furniture off in Holland for Kevin and then pick up  some of the furniture we’d refinished at my parents house. And then unload it at the new apartment.

We finished at around 5:30pm completely exhausted. Kenny left in the uHaul to drop it off and I drove my car home to shower…but first got into a traffic jam.

We ended the day with pizza and Olympics, not moving from the couch. Ooogh.

Here are pictures of our mostly empty apartment. Here’s the view from the doorway into the living room; the kitchen is on the left. Straight ahead is the other hallway with the bedroom on the left and the bathroom on the right:

Here’s the kitchen, with the dining nook and an attractive man:

//Sidenote//: Note the new refrigerator, which we learned about from a shirtlessandveryhairy neighbor-man who informed us that he got our old one. That was the extent of our interaction.


The living room (love the a/c unit–what a unique architectural element!):

Here’s the bedroom:

And finally, I know you wanted to see the bathroom:

These pictures were actually taken Friday afternoon, when we signed the lease, unloaded both of our full cars in the POURING rain, and got ready for a wedding–all in about a half an hour. To make things more exciting, Kenny forgot his socks, so we made an emergency stop at Meijer and somehow managed to make it to the wedding on time anyway.

We have lots more to do!


3 thoughts on “670 Square Feet of…Awesome (in which we question our sanity, or lack thereof)

  1. Cant wait to visit in person! Ps I really love your writing style!

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