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Bed Building and Quality Photography

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I figured out how to get photos off my cell phone. This, my friends, is a momentous occasion. Usually that task seems so daunting I wouldn’t even dream of attempting it.

As previewed here, my handy father built us a bed as our wedding present. I should have taken more photos of the process, but since I live/work in another city, I only had a few opportunities on the weekends to stroke it in person and had to resort to ogling tiny pics my mother sent me via cell phone. These are those pictures.

Here’s the frame of the headboard:

and the footboard. I love how chunky it is. This bed is a beast.

Actually, that’s my hand in this photo…perhaps this is a pic I sent to Kenny? Anyway, awesome. My dad is super talented. I apologize that I can’t stop bragging about my family on this blog…they’re just that great.

Here it is in it’s naked state before Kenny and I finished it. Hopefully I can snap some photos of the finished bed soon…this time with a real camera.

Also, we’re less than 2 weeks out from the wedding. MEEEP. <–/excitementmixedwithyikes/

UPDATE/SPOILER ALERT: My mom and I really need to coordinated blogging. Check out her post on the bed here!


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