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On Writing and Wearing Out (in which I try to compose a list of three things but can only get to two)

Is there a point when someone can write too much?

If so, I’m pretty sure I’m there. Let me break it down.

I write for my full-time job. Hundreds of emails each week and dozens of web ads, product descriptions, book jackets, press releases–you name it. And–don’t get me wrong–I like it. I’m actually working in my field of study (!).

I also write on the side–freelance corporate blogging, freelance social media-ing, freelance website copy. And I like it too. (When I’m composing a FAQ page on the topic of closets and shower enclosures at midnight? Notsomuch).

I am also writing a book (did I not mention that before?). It’s not a book for fun, per se–though it is fascinating. It’s sort of a contracted history book (more on this later). And I like doing this too.

Oh, and I write on this blog. I like my blog too.

I’m not sure how I get myself into these things. My world is surrounded by words. And here I am writing more. I can’t seem to stop myself. 🙂

I guess these are my feeble excuses for not blogging about cool stuff lately (by my standards). Instead, check out these sweet things I’ve found around the internet. NOTE: set aside enough time for each, because you will get sucked in. Guaranteed.


Number one: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes (dot com). Girl has class. And is hilarious.

Also, she finds huge ornate mirrors in the sketchiest of places.


Number dos: Heather lives in a firehouse she and her husband are renovating. Not even joking.

Her blog is called A Fire Pole in the Dining Room. It needs no more explanation.


And finally, number three:

Nuts. I’ve got nothing.

Ignore the fact that my list of three things only contains two. My brain isn’t exactly functioning at the moment, and it’s a miracle I can still string together a sentence. So, until I can get my act together, please extend lots of grace and entertain yourself on the above two blogs. Worth it. Seriously.