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Wrapped Wine Bottles (in which I try to validate my hoarder-like tendencies)

I have been known to, on occasion, keep things for longer than I should. For example, when I was a wee one, I collected stickers…which meant that I would hoard them and NEVER EVER STICK THEM because then they’d be used up and therefore useless. But that meant that I never let myself experience the joy of stickering…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to watch my inner hoarder and actually use things when I want to use them. Or if I should have thrown something away a long time ago, I am trying to use it up. Case in point: these nice wine bottles.

take the labels off wine bottles

They’d been hanging out on top of our cabinets for a few months when I finally pushed myself to use them. To de-sticker them, I soaked them in water for about 15 minutes and then went to town with my fingernails…and once I’d scratched off the largest chunks, I used nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove the last of the sticky residue (Goo Gone would work wonderfully for this, but I’m too cheap to buy any).


Then I got out my trusty glue gun and supplies to wrap these bottles in natural-looking string. I used a strategically-folded towel to keep the wine bottle from rolling off the table since I do not have three hands.

I put a dot of glue at the top, stuck my string, and wrapped and wrapped. I did refrain from rapping as I worked though; that’s important to note. At the bottom of the wrapped part, I put another dot of glue and snipped the string. DONE.

Oh, and this is not the last time I’ve wrapped stuff in string…in my defense, it just looks so nice and textural.


100% of the credit for this craft goes to my friend Kelli, who did this first and whose jute-wrapped wine bottles I’ve lusted over every time I’m at their house. She’s got her bottles nestled in an amazing wire basket from Pottery Barn but PB is not in Ken and Anne’s budget at the moment.

string-wrapped wine bottles

This trio now lives on Ken’s nightstand. I’ve been trying to spruce up our nightstands more lately since they’ve been pretty bare since we’ve moved in. I currently have a picture frame on my side so I’m making good progress.

Thus ends free/easy project #2934. Now I’m off to dig through the closets to see what else I’ve been hoarding (please say I’m not the only one)…