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Beachy Evenings (in which you are inundated with sunset pictures)

My favorite person took me to the beach this weekend. We detoured first to Captain Sundaes, since he knows the way to my heart is first through a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flurry.

Lake MI Sunset Kenny Annie

It was one of the first actually warm days here in West Michigan, and though Kenny had to study for law school exams during the day, we took full advantage of the temps at night.

Lake MI Sunset April 27

I will never get sick of a Lake Michigan sunset.

Lake MI Sunset April 27

Each sumset is entirely different from all the rest, entirely unique; each seeking to bring glory to their majestic Creator.

Lake MI Sunset April 27Lake MI Sunset April 27Lake MI Sunset April 27

Words are inadequate–or unnecessary–on nights like these, so we mainly enjoyed the sky in silence.

All in all, a perfect evening.