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Wedding Card Mailbox (in which I almost contract tetanus and participate in my first linky party)

I love to read blogs. At the top of my list are Young House Love and Bower Power Blog….MMMM. So good. They’ve both got great, consistent content that is entertaining. And occasionally I learn something. đŸ™‚

Seasonally they (and two other bloggers) challenge readers to actually DO something that we’ve pinned on Pinterest and call it the…Pinterest Challenge.

I found this on Pinterest:

and decided to do my own take on things. I knew we had an old mailbox at home somewhere, so Brother John dug it out for me and was nice enough to include spiderwebs too. The mailbox wasn’t in great shape. It’s sort of dented and had badly chipped/scratched paint on it…not to mention that the inside was totally rust covered. It was probably used as our primary mailbox on the farm for…I dunno, 7 years? Maybe more? As long as I can remember, at least.

Not one to back down from a challenge…well, not one to back down from things that are free, I gave it a good sanding and some spraypaint:

I used Rustoleum’s Hammered Bronze spray paint and it worked wonders. The can says you can spray right over rust too, so I coated the inside as well.

Once it dried, I prettied it up even more, with old magazines and a wooden heart I painted:

On the other side, I put a little something to make it more personal.

Look for it at the wedding! and send in your RSVPs. I think Kenny is winning on the guest count…