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Closet Purge (in which I convince my friends to take my old clothes and give me their awesome clothes)

Last weekend, I got to hang out with some very awesome people. I am blessed to do this frequently.

This time we got together, we tried something new and challenged each other to come with the cast off items that come from a cleaned-out closet with the purpose of giving them away to each other.

It helps to be motivated to clean out one’s closet when you know there is the opportunity to immediately fill it back up again.

So we each brought 5 (OR MORE. MUCH MORE) pieces of clothing including shoes, coats, accessories. Stuff that didn’t fit, stuff that we didn’t like anymore, or stuff that we didn’t wear ourselves but would look awesome on someone else.

I don’t know about you, but about half of my closet is filled with stuff I INTEND to wear and WANT to wear but the occasion NEVER occurs. I got rid of a bunch of that stuff and it was very freeing. Clothes exchanging is easier for me than donating my clothes to unknown peeps at the thrift store because I know I’ll probably see it again on my awesome friends.

We started by dumping all of our cast-offs on the floor. And then we sifted and sorted and tried on and claimed and discarded and changed our minds and complimented and remembered and planned and celebrated and it was awesome. Cathartic, really.

This is pre-dumping:

And here’s the aftermath.

Not only was it great to spend time with awesome friends, I got some incredible clothes. My friends have GOOD taste.

Since my closet was basically cut in half when I married Ken (no female roommate=NO SHARED CLOTHES=VERY SAD coughmindylaura), this was really really nice and needed. I’m actually excited to get up and pick out clothes in the morning.

Well, that’s a stretch, actually. I’m not usually excited to get up in the morning. But the choosing-out-clothes part of my day has definitely gotten easier.

Oh, and what did we do with the leftover clothes? We donated it…or in my case, I’ll be foisting it off onto my sisters and then donating it once they have the opportunity to reject my stuff.

Sheesh. So blessed.