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Bathroom Reveal (in which I show you the first bathroom of mine that doesn’t look like a dorm room)

In theory, this will be the first of a blog post series where I divulge the inner contents of our lil’ apartment. (Yes, this one). But we’ll see if I continue it or actually finish the apartment enough to let the whole wide internet to see.

Our apartment is by no means a looker, and we don’t have the motivation or moolah to make any significant changes (ie, paint, reno) since this is a temporary home until we purchase a real home, but I’m pretty proud of myself for making this not look like a dorm room (<–my “inspiration” for decorating these days).

Most of these things are wedding gifts from our awesome friends and family. My favorite things are the patterned bathmat (Ogie from Target), the shower curtain (love that subtle texture), and that blue cup (a thrifting find). The three bowls are from Target too.

When you turn around, you see our medicine cabinet–not much to mention there, but check out these gorgeous bathroom accessories:

You can’t even tell that a man lives here, right? Don’t worry though; I didn’t go too girly on Ken. He okays the decor in this apt. And I picked up after him.

Here’s a close up:

We removed a towel bar, so does that count as demo?

The shelf is from Bed Bath and Beyond and is definitely a Plan B… I don’t want to talk about it. The first one we got put us in mortal peril every time we walked into the bathroom.

Fancy, huh? I’m proud of it. It looks cute and the room still functions as it should. 🙂