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Sweater Pillow (in which I succeed in not cutting off any fingers)

When we left off, I had just cut up a thrifted sweater to make* some boot socks with the sleeves.

*I use that term loosely. It was an easy “project.”

Documented here is the project I tackled with the rest of it. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance in my house as a real sweater. My apologies to Wet Seal.

I have another project in mind that involved the neck and the (front) hem, so once I cut those off, here’s what I was left with. Ignore the gourds. They had no bearing on this project, other than getting in the way.

Not pictured: The mounds of sweater fuzz that each cut of my scissors produced. I think I vacuumed inches of lint off my floor during the aftermath.

It didn’t take me long to come up with an idea of what to do with the rest of the sweater. Many subliminal childhood memories of stuffing a pillow “baby” into my shirt (and yes, birthing it. TMI? You know you did it too!) probably were contributing factors.

We had a pillow (Ken’s) that I wasn’t loving anymore, and the sweater was just the right size to cover it. And Kenny was not around to voice his opinion, so this was the perfect opportunity to make a switcheroo.

Now with the idea part of this project out of the way, I merely had to figure out how to execute it.

Surprisingly for me, the execution phase didn’t take long either. I cut off the bottom of the sweater to make the edge even, insided-out (is that even a thing?) the sweater and gave it a quick sew with the Singer. I turned it right-side-out and stuffed in that pillow. At this point, it resembled a torso a little too much for my liking.

In the interest of not freaking out Kenny with a dismembered torso pillow when he arrived home, I pressed on. I trimmed off the top and then whip-stitched that end closed by hand, like I did with this pillow.

Basically, I’m giving Pottery Barn a run for it’s money.

The other pillow there is one of a pair of removable pillow covers that I made from some  thrift store fabric, back in the day before I was married. What is it with me and secondhand textiles? Weird, I know. It’s not on purpose.

And look at me–I even took these pictures while it was still light out. Keep your expectations low though. I feel that this is probably a rare occurrence. Photography blog this is not!