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Detroit Tiger’s Home Opener (in which some guys play a friendly game of baseball and a bunch of people watch)

On Friday, I took the day off work and, with Kenny’s very generous parents, we went to a Tiger’s game…but not just any Tiger’s game. We went to the home opener at Comerica Park.


Only about 45,000 other people were there with us. Not counting the players.

We got to the stadium early (on purpose) and watched batting practice.

Batting practice

They even painted the grass for this special occasion. Oh, and then they hoisted the flag for being the ALCS Champions last year (let’s not talk about the World Series). Prince Fielder, Justin Verlander, and Miguel Cabrera got the job of holding up the flag so people could take pictures. They must be pretty low on the totem pole or something.

Fielder, Verlander, and Cabrera

Also, can we talk about the SUN?!? I got sunburned on my face and arms and on my left knee because I had a hole in my jeans. It was wonderful and vexing all at the same time.

They brought out this big flag and unrolled it across the outfield.

Tiger's Stadium, opening day 2013

They also introduced all of the coaches and players, which was very cool. There are a lot of them, so this took some time… at least 5 whole minutes.

Introducing the 2013 detroit tiger's

There were also a few very important retired Tiger’s players in attendance, like Willie Horton who threw out the first pitch. Al Kaline was also there.

Did I mention that the flag was rather large?

american pastime

Oh yes, after all of this fanfare the baseball game started, but in my excitement I forgot to take pictures. The weather was not supposed to be warm and, while it was very cold in the shade, we were hot in the sun (thus the sunburn). Heat has been an entirely unknown feeling over the past 6 months, so it was rather welcome.

The Tigers won 8-3 (as they should have). The newly-trim Prince Fielder had two home runs and Alex Avila had one, so it was an exciting game. Kenny got a new hat…more excitement.

I’ve been blessed with some pretty wonderful in-laws and a super fantastic husband. And it’s baseball season, so what more can I ask for??

What were you up to this weekend? Any one else get a little too much sun but welcome it all the same? I don’t want to say anything negative about the sun in fear that it will go away for a few more months…