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Color-Blocked Clock (in which I literally deface an object in multiple senses of the word)

Please do not try to say the first three words of this post title three times fast. It could get awkward.


I got this great square clock from my mother-in-law. (The grungy carpet courtesy of our apartment complex.)

square clock dark wood

We had it hanging in our dining room gallery wall for a while, and more recently it has perched on our bookshelf, but then I got the itch to do something crazy with it.

So I took it all apart–the back part, the clock part, the glass, the frame, and about 45 screws the size of a large pimple (defacement number 1: removing clock face. Get it?).

half-painted clock frame

Ken was quite perturbed when I called it a night having painted only half of the frame. (This, my friends, is defacement number 2: the taking of something perfectly good and slathering paint all over it.)

But I had a vision that he could not thwart.

I carefully used Frogtape to block of the non-painted area and I blasted that frame with some blingy gold spraypaint.

Mint and gold color-blocked clock. (!)

Ken was thrilled. He likes the mint and gold combo much better than the half-painted look he thought he would have to live with.

I like it because it is shiny.

Big plans are ahead for this little clock, so…tune in next time! (Or perhaps a time or two beyond that. You never know around here.)

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