Planting Sequoias

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Spring=Lambs (in which we enjoy a practically perfect evening)

I may have mentioned before that I live on a farm.

It is great fun to visit in the spring, when there are many little lambs cavorting about.

But our farm is not the only place with lambs, and the other night, Ken and I hung out with some friends, one of whom lives on another sheep farm.

The night was gorgeous, and who can resist faces like these?

twin lambs

These two pictured above were bottle-fed lambs, and Kelli got to feed one of them. She was thrilled. I love this picture so much.

kelli feeding a lamb

But the night did not end there. We also ate s’mores by the lake. At sunset.


But the best part of the night was the fact that we got to see friends we hadn’t seen in some time. Em’s been in Africa, and AM has been studying in Texas.

sunset on the lake at the farm

So, you know, it was a pretty wonderful evening.