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I should get married more often.

You guys, I have the best friends. Seriously.

A few weekends ago, my bridesmaids and sisters threw me a bachelorette party–the fun kind, not the scandalous kind. đŸ™‚

I will now let the pictures do the talking. If I can get them to upload.

This bachelorette par-tay was a four-parter. It started with dinner at 25 Kitchen and Bar in downtown GR.

SO YUMMY. I had a BBQ Pineapple Pork Quesadilla. I think there was also mango on it.


My sisters, one of whom was behind the camera all evening (thanks, Sara! Woohoo!).

Coldest aisle ever.

We made a very necessary stop at Family Fare for ice cream and cookies.


We then went back to the good old apt.

BFFs since 1992.

Which involved a lot of talking, which we do well. đŸ™‚

I have lots of interesting things to say.

And presents! with more talking.

(Not pictured: us all sleeping crammed into our sleeping bags in the living room, the fan that had a mind of its own/pretended to be a jet engine, Panera bagels and an assertive Lorie (go T!), and our drive to Holland. Use your imagination.)

I am awkward when I open presents.

We met more friends at my favorite spot ever (see sweatshirt for hint) where there was an awesome lunch of subs provided by the Nyitrays and more presents. And drizzl-y rain. And because of the rain, Twister in the Phat Pad. And then finally, the sun came out! And we eagerly frolicked by Big Pine Lake.

Thanks so much to everyone… Laura, Lorie, Kelli, Sara, Ruth, Liz, Beth, Aubrey, Hannah, Kayla, Katie, Emily, the founders of Camp Geneva and the inventors of break-and-bake cookies.

It was a great, great weekend.