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Happy Yellow Task Lamp (in which I give you a rare glimpse into my fragile emotional state)

It’s Pinterest Challenge time again!

Hosted by Katie, Sherry, Emily, and Renee. Click their names to see their projects!

*Cue the requisite emotions.*

First, naive, innocent excitement.

Then some nervous butterflies (the good kind).

But then more nervous butterflies (the less good kind).

Which leads to outright fear and trembling…

…The brave thought that “I CAN DO THIS.”

…The reckless thought “Why not take on a humongous project?”

…The realistic thought of inferiority, aka “Why am I even participating with all these fantastically incredible internet people?”

…The soboring realization that I have literally NO idea what to create.

…The feeling of resignation and that “I’ll just sit this one out.”

But then…utter dejection at the thought of missing this fabulous partaaaay.

…Slight glimmer of hope at the first faint hint of an idea.

…All out frenzy to realize said idea at the last remaining minute possible.

…Adrenaline rush as I frantically spraypaint, take pictures, and write this post. Simultaneously.

And finally, pretending that I have it all together. Beginning…now.

(Wait. I’ve fooled no one? Fine. Please humor me nonetheless.)

A few weeks ago, I got this lamp.

Vintage black task lamp (floor)

Which I purchased because of Emily Henderson’s lamp from this room that I’d pinned because of it’s gloriousness.

Yes, I also blogged about it here. I can’t stop blathering on about this room. It’s a sickness…a beautiful one.

You might be able to see where I am going with this. Perhaps. If you are very insightful and were paying attention.


Why yes. I attacked this task lamp with a can of yellow Rustoleum I procured from the Meijer. Who knew Meijer had so many fantastic shades of paint in aerosol cans? It was a mecca, I’m telling you. I nearly wept* (*see damaged emotional state above).

But, I digress.


yellow spraypainted task lamp

Here‘s how I made that lumpy pillow while watching Harry Potter 6. I’m a master multi-tasker.

And another, artsy picture to round out this blog post:

spray painted vintage task lamp

For those of you who are keeping track (coughBUDGETcoughcough), the lamp was $8 and the spray paint $3.69.

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Thank you kindly for stopping by.

And now…cue Anne crumbling into an exhausted heap onto the floor. Your well wishes for my fragile emotional state would be welcome.

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