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Making our table look shiny (again)

Kenny and I have a pretty nice dining room table. It’s sturdy, and was produced in the last decade or two, and it definitely still holds up our plates.

We got it on Craigslist from a couple that had it for 4 years… who had originally gotten it off Craigslist.

//sidenote: I fit all four chairs and the table in my Nissan Altima to get it home. I’m still proud of that one.//

The moral of the story? Our table has already lived a long, full life. Unfortunately, it was beginning to show its age.



Although it looks like it’s just survived an 8-year-old’s pizza party, this is actually about as clean as I could get it. It always looked greasy and was scratched in many places…not to mention the burn marks where the finish was missing entirely.

Something needed to happen. Either the table had to go, or I had to go.

Or I had to fix the problem somehow.

Since I’m not that excited about divorce, I decided to make up with the table and give it another shot.

So I got out my trusty sandpaper and got to work.


Things like this have to look worse before they get better, right? It’s always darkest just before the dawn.

Since I wasn’t going to restain it, I didn’t have to sand all of the old finish off down to the bare wood–I just wanted a rough surface that the new coat of polyurethane could stick to.


I used Minwax’s fast drying Poly…it worked its magic immediately.

Here’s what it looked like finished:

refinishing a dining room table

As you can see, you can still see the burn mark that was on this corner because it actually burned through the finish and the stain, but the surfaceis once again smooth and glossy, just how I like it.

//Incidentally, that’s how I like Kenny’s face, too…smooth. Mmmm.//