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Bedroom Reveal (in which I find the need to reassure you that Ken likes the duvet cover)

Oooh, guys! I finished the bedroom enough to show the internet. And had the motivation to take photos for the split second that this room is clean. But I only have 4 minutes until these almond bars come out of the oven… whereupon I’ll have to taste test them and subsequently devour the whole pan before Ken gets home.

//shoot, the buzzer’s ringing//gotta go.

Okay, the came out squashy so I left them in for another 3. I guess that in addition to a bedroom reveal, you also get a play-by-play on my baking escapades. Didn’t see that one coming, huh?

Alright, fine. I’ll begin.

Here’s our bedroom! It is small and awesome. I’m standing in our tiny hallway looking in here:

I had sort of a hard time picking out a duvet cover. Just ask Kenny–poor guy has to put up with a lot. But he says he actually likes this one, so I think the search was worth it. This is Pottery Barn’s Bella Paisley Duvet (in a King, wootwoot!). I did want this one from Urban Outfitters for a while, but Ken wouldn’t go for it. I think he was ultimately right. Bah.

If you recall, the bed was a wedding gift from my dad/parents (dad built it) loosely based off of Ana White’s Farmhouse Bed.

My brother made the two matching nightstands as a wedding gift too. LOVE THEM BOTH.

The lamps we got for a steal from Bed Bath and Beyond last year…$18 for the SET. I threw them the money and ran.

Here’s our one (shared) bedroom closet. No peeking inside, nosiree. And that’s the shelf that my grandpa built when I graduated from high school and I restained this year.

Ooh, look, I’m getting all fancy with a closeup! Actually, that was on purpose. That ampersand? It used to be an orangey-gold shiny color until I painted it gray and distressed it a little. And hey! There’s our first piece of fall decor that I put out.

Whoa. Lot’s going on here–this is the angle from the closet. That’s the dresser we refinished, Ikea curtains, that rustic barn wood art I made, and doilies from our wedding. And a very attractive fan.

*Ahem. Ken has not yet seen the doily banner. If you could just affirm them a lot in the next hour before he gets home, that would definitely strengthen my case for leaving them there. Personally, I like the added texture it gives to the room, and it was sort of empty up there before I put that up.

Here’s my side of the bed. Kenny has seen and approved of this doily collage. I love it a lot. I never thought I’d be so grandma-like in my decorating though, but I surprise myself sometime (love you, grandma!). I definitely want to add to this as I find more hoops.

So there we go. I was going for a calm, uncluttered space, and I think for the most part this fits the bill.

What projects have you completed lately? Enough to show the internets??? Drop a comment with your blog and I’ll stop by (I LOVE SNOOPING IN ON PEOPLE’S LIVES). Oh, and anyone else doing sneaky decor projects behind their husband’s back? I think the rule is “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

Man. We’ll see what he thinks.