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$2 Kitchen Bling (in which I update our kitchen into the mid-1990s at least)

Last week, whilst at the thrift store, I stumbled upon a pot o’ gold, basically, in that I came across a huge bag filled with these.

1990s cabinet hardware


There were 45 matching handles in this bag and one knob and a bajillion* screws.

*denotes unscientific estimate.

Since the whole bag was only $2, I shelled out the dough and pranced home to share my spoils with Ken.

He, the “voice of reason” (cue collective boo-ing), pointed out that I might indeed void our apartments security deposit if I affixed these to our cabinet doors. But since I’ve been living for 9 months without any cabinet hardware of any kind, I ignored the “voice of reason” and proceeded to take a drill to our formerly flawless (HAHAHA) cabinets. Note: our drawers are pretty awful and come off their trackĀ every time we wedge our fingers under their shallow edges and pull them out. And our cabinets are not much better…they’re sticky with the stick of dozens of lease-holders that have gone before us. Yum.

I am not the most clean person when it comes to large construction projects like this.

kitchen chaos mid-handle installation


The magic timelines of the internet make this seem like an easy, quick job. Would that you all believed that!

But alas, this project was not without its turmoils. I created a little template and drilled pilot holes, but in drilling pilot holes, I broke no less than three of Ken’s masonry bits. Once I even broke off the masonry bit IN the wood of the cabinet, so Ken came to the rescue with some pliers and muttered words under his breath. That guy.

new handles update cabinets


I’d say we updated the kitchen to the mid-1990s at least, but I can’t stop opening our cabinets. It is a huge step up in functionality for the Bauman household, so we’re embracing these brassy bits. Which is not to say that I won’t spray paint these a different finishat some point (I’m looking at you, Oil-Rubbed Bronze). I love to spray paint things.

new handles in kitchen close up

There goes our security deposit, but I could not be happier. Or perhaps the apartment authorities will see this for the upgrade that it is? One can hope.