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Project redo (in which I refuse to admit failure)

Remember this awesome project?

Well, I thought it turned out great, but it in fact had other ideas.

The next morning, as I blearily stumbled out of the bedroom, I noticed that something was…not right.

The paper had curled away from the styrofoam on all corners and REFUSED to stay where it was supposed to. I tried every possible way to coerce it to do so–threats, loving caresses, all-out stomping… and nothing.

Apparently, styrofoam and double stick tape do not get along. And, of course, the tape was PERMANENTLY stuck to the paper–it just would not stick to the styrofoam.

Undaunted (well, mostly), I grabbed some Frogtape (I got a free sample about a year ago, which is why it keeps making it’s appearance in recent projects) and I got to sticking. I taped that engineering print to within an inch of it’s life.

I don’t know what that means, but here’s what I did:

I also embraced the opportunity to restyle the desk. Which is way harder than Young House Love always makes it look.

I miss the awesome yellow painted border, but Frogtape is in fact green–so I’ve chosen to embrace it. And with the 60 layers of tape I used on the edges, that engineering print is NEVER coming off of that styrofoam.

Okay, admit it. What projects have you had to re-imagine? Unfortunately, this is far from the first one I’ve had to do…