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Mint and Coral Gallery Wall (in which I redo something for the 27th time…surprise)

To say that I like changing things around the apartment would be a gross understatement.

It’s not that I don’t have other things to do (see this post if you want to hear me grumble a wee bit), but I frequently find that I just need a change of pace.

This is why we’re on version 27 of our dining room gallery wall. Let me walk you through its evolution, mmkay?

It started like this. I always think that a place doesn’t feel like home unless there are things on the walls. So I slapped this up soon after we moved in. It was very youthful and fun, which is why, now that Ken and I are old and mature (obviously), we got sick of it.

old gallery wall with bright colors

Actually, I don’t think Kenny cared either way. But he doesn’t say anything. Good man.

My next inspiration came from this image, found here (actually, that’s just a Pinterest link. The real link is lost forever. I tried…).

gallery wall inspiration with emerald green distressed frames

I didn’t exactly achieve it, as seen below. Maybe if you squint a lot you can see the resemblance.

dining room gallery wall for a grown up

So last week, I took it all down and started afresh. (GASP. A blank wall. Anne does not know how to handle that.) Yes, that’s Kenny’s bike in our dining room. His bike is too good for the garage, you know.

Dining Room Wall--Empty.

After repainting a bunch of stuff (like this clock and this frame), I began laying things out on the floor. Rearranging things on the floor is way easier than pounding hundreds of nail holes in your wall. I know–I’ve tried both ways. Trust me on this one.

Lay out a gallery wall on the floor to plan.

Then I started transferring over my design onto the wall. Ken clapped gleefully as each item went up. Or perhaps that was me? Not sure.

mint, coral, and gold gallery wall

I was going for a gold/mint/coral theme and it sort of worked out. I repainted a few frames and dug out some unused items. My favorite makeover is the “It Is Well” artwork–gold spraypaint drastically changed that plastic frame.

mint, coral, and gold gallery wall

I’ve apologized to Ken about 12 times for how, um, feminine this turned out but he insists that he does not mind, possibly due to the amount I’ve also gushed to him about how much more I like this gallery wall than the last.

Poor guy doesn’t have a choice but to love me, ya know?