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Rain, Rain, Go Away (in which everything is wet)

I may have mentioned that it’s been a bit rainy.

I may not have mentioned just HOW rainy.

Let’s just say that we’ve already exceeded the April rainfall record here in West Michigan with about a bijillion inches already this month (that’s a scientific number).

We have the (usually) good fortune of having a river that runs right through the middle of our city.

Here is Grand Rapids and the Grand River on a normal, nice day.

Grand River

Image from here.

But not now.

Now the river looks like this.

Grand Rapids April 18 Flood 2

Normally we have nice walkways along the river. (See the stairs in the pic above?!? See the lightposts below?!? But where is the sidewalk?)

Grand Rapids April 18 Flood 3

This is the museum and the museum carousel. The water is very nearly touching the carousel. That is not normal.

Grand Rapids April 18 Flood 4

Also, people live and work in buildings along the river. Like here, in the building to the right.

Grand Rapids April 18 Flood

(Mom, I did not take these photos. I focused on staying high and dry. Photos from Mlive and

And the worst thing is that the water HASN’T CRESTED YET. (It is supposed to on Monday).


Also. Ken and Anne left the bedroom window open and may have basically invited a flood into our bedroom….this is not counting in the dining room, where the window remained closed and yet we still have soggy carpet. BOOOOOO.

Stay dry this weekend!



Rainy Day Artwork (in which the Michigan monsoon season inspires drippy home decor)

It has been raining on and off for days and days and days.

Don’t even get me started on the times when it has switched over to snow.

I love rain, and I love spring thunderstorms (which we’ve had), but after a while, the lack of sunlight makes you start to question your existence.

Let’s just say that the old adage “April showers bring May flowers” had better be true. Otherwise, I am going to have quite the little talk with Someone.

To counteract all instances of rain-induced depression, I did a quick and easy artwork switcheroo. Hanging in the “hallway” (I use that term loosely) outside of our bathroom and bedroom were three pretty generic square frames. When I hung them shortly after we moved into this apartment, I stuck some nice magazine pictures of plants in them.

bathroom artwork

This is obviously a little too generic and normal for my, um, eclectic tastes…so I spruced it up with some quick magazine art inspired by Sarah.

Looking for colorful, textured images, I cut out a whole bunch of raindrops (yes, this part was sort of challenging…freehanding raindrops with a scissors is harder than you’d think). For backing, I used the cardboard that came in each frame and painted a gray square for the raindrops to sit upon.

rain drop artwork from magazines

I didn’t want to deal with the crinkly-ness of using glue (glue+magazines=always a hassle, at least it is with yours truly), so I used double-stick tape which worked wonderfully.

raindrop diy art using magazines


As I’m writing this post, it’s Tuesday evening, sunny and 52°. However (mark my words!), this will not last. This is what is in store for the rest of the week.

Michigan weather in April

Do you see Saturday’s forecast? SNOW.

To add insult to injury, it’s also construction season in Michigan and my regular route to work is currently unavailable.

BUT (in the interest of counteracting all of this complaining) spraypainting season is also upon us.

I guess we have much to be thankful for. đŸ™‚