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MSU vs. Northwestern Football (in which I manage to sunburn my lips in November)

Kenny and I , along with our friends Steve and Kelli, got the opportunity on Saturday to go to the Michigan State football game.

Not only were we gifted the 4 tickets (from Kenny’s generous parents), we were also gifted all of the food necessary to tailgate. And then some.

None of us had ever tailgated before, but it turns out there is a reason so many people do it…it’s pretty fun.

We parked in a field that didn’t allow alcohol that was right by the stadium, so that could have been a factor in our enjoyment. Crazy drunk fans=not always the most fun. Funny, yes, but only from a distance.

These are our friends Steve and Kelli. They are nice people and we like them a lot. Steve is a Spartan fan, so therefore, Kelli is too.

Kelli and I have been friends for a long time and plan on being friends even longer. At least, I’m planning on it. Not sure if she’s aware of the plan yet, though.

I plan on being married to Ken for a long, long time too, but do you see the kind of things I have to put up with?

Goodness. Husbands these days.

It was hard to believe it was November. By the time we got to the stadium, we had shed our coats and sweatshirts.

These were our seats. They were awesome. There was even a nice man in front of us that the police escorted away during the second quarter.

Sometimes my husband does smile.

Do you see now why we got a little sunburned? It was awesome! Michigan is not usually this generous with its weather.

Oh, and we did occasionally watch the football game too.

The Spartans lost, but it was still a very fun day.

After the drive back, we had Jets Pizza (only the best ever), played our Ticket to Ride boardgame, and fell exhausted into bed at 7:30.

I wish I were joking.

Okay, I am. But we were ready for bed then. We propped our eyelids open until 10pm and called it a very, very good day.