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Chalkboard Frame and Melty Crayon Art (in which I embrace trendy crafts wholeheartedly)

I’ve been slowly upgrading the art and wall decor in our apartment (for example: some equine art), which generally means, uh, filling the frames that I’d left sitting empty for the past little while. Okay, fine, for the last 2 months. It’s been more than a little while.

In my defense, I always want to wait for “something special” to come along and be just right. Just like I save things for a special time, which usually ends up meaning I don’t ever use that something up… I’ve kept super nice lotions and candy bars and things of that nature for WAAAAAY to long just because I never know if the time is right.. so actually filling these frames is a huge deal.

Didn’t know I was going to get all psychological on you, didja? Fine; enough.

For our entryway, I’d found this super frame at a thrift store. It had seen better days, but I had a plan: chalkboard paint. Here the poor frame is during  it’s grand makeover:

After I let the chalkboard paint dry, I conditioned it by rubbing chalk all over it:

and then I wiped it all off. Sounds counterproductive, huh? Wiping it off still leaves a chalky residue so that it looks like a real, used chalkboard and accepts the chalk writing better.

I filled the frame with a postcard I got from ArtPrize and hung it up in our entryway/hallway as a message board.

Yes, we have an awkwardly prominent door buzzer system. Still don’t know what to do about that, other than embrace it and welcome it into our home.

The other frame was also a thrift store rescue, and I filled this one with some melted crayon art. Yes, the kind with the hairdryer. I had to try it.

It got super messy with hot wax flying everywhere, so if you attempt this, do it at someone else’s house.

Or just use a box, like I did.

I would recommend using colors that are near each other on the color wheel, because the wax will mix together. If you do a lot of contrasting colors, it’ll get brown, and no one wants that. Unless you actually do want that, and then I give you my blessing //along with some side-eye//.

Here’s my finished product.


Okay, fine. Here’s a closeup:

Kenny approves, so it’s here to stay for a while. But now I keep looking around the apartment for other things I can cover in melted crayon, because yes, it was that fun. A globe? Jars? A pumpkin?

At this point, nothing is sacred.