Planting Sequoias

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Blogger Bests (in which I momentarily distract you from my appalling lack of motivation)

OH HEY! Here are just a few of the really cool and pretty sweet things I’ve come across while frolicking on the world wide web. If you want to pin these images, go ahead and pin them from the original source (because that would be nice of you).

And yes, this definitely means that my motivation to actually come up with original content is at an all-time low (negative 200%, as I told Ken). It may be due to the inches and inches of snow we keep getting every. single. day. Please ignore that fact and instead let’s just focus on this great stuff.

1. Caitlin from Desert Domicile Blog made this amazing coffee table with an old trunk that has me drooling/running rabidly from thrift store to thrift store looking for a similar trunk.


2. My good friend Meg (of Meg Van Kampen Studios) who is a swell photographer snapped some photos of my sister Sara with her horses. You have to go check out the whole session. It’s pretty incredible. Also, I made Sara’s dress (you’ll recognize it from our wedding photos if you’re a regular stalker of this blog) so I feel involved, even thought I was in no way whatsoever.


3. This week Emily Henderson posted this fantastic room that she styled. I’ve drooled several liters worth over this decadent space. Do you see those colors!? the greenery? and that sunlight!?! I can’t get over it. I can only dream of that much light during these dreary March days.


Yes. Well. Now that you see how awesome the internet can be, you’re never going to actually want to read this blog for my original content, huh? Well pshhht. Even though this post may have backfired on me, let’s keep it going. What incredible things have you found online lately? Share in the comments! Or what is your favorite thing about some of my favorite posts above? I gotta say, the sky Meg captured is truly phenomenal…