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Our Save the Date Postcards

A long, long time ago, I created Save the Date postcards to send out for the wedding.

Note to self: do not abbreviate “save the date.”

We wanted to go with something cheap. I was willing to skip making save-the-dates entirely, except I have a reoccurring nightmare that no one will show up to the wedding (I also have nightmares about burlap).

This is how I plan my wedding.

1. See something awesome on Pinterest.

2. Ponder the practicality of said Pinterest image.

3. Discard 90% of the ideas I love (I can’t have a fleet of hot air balloons? Bah!).

4. Find something that will work.

5. Discover that that something is FAR too expensive.

6. Shed tears and get Kenny to calm me down.

7. Buck up and deal with life and create my own knock off version.


That’s why I created these. I think they turned out pretty cute.

(Mentally erase the rectangular outlines).

On the back, I put this:

(Tilt head to side).

See? See? It’s a postcard! With room for an address and a stamp and everything!

I printed 100 copies from VistaPrint for about $13 (shipping and uploading fees). I still have like 50 left, so I grossly overestimated how many I’d need. Live and learn.

In this case, my knock-off from Pinterest turned out pretty great. In other cases….well, not so much.