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House Tour: Sunny Beach House (in which I make plans to build a bunkroom in our apartment)

It’s Friday! And summer! Which means that I spend time outside that I used to use for crafting…which means that here’s another house tour from that time we paraded through homes.

This one was a fantastic beachy house on a small, man-made lake. The exterior was a fun, mustard yellow color which I never would have chosen but that I LOVE.


The kitchen was my DREAM KITCHEN. Ken had to support me from falling over as I ran around gasping over each and every feature. I loved the coffered/tray ceiling, the cabinets on top of cabinets, the pendants, and that stove. GAH. Oh, and that’s an outdoor fireplace on the deck to the left.

Beachy House Tour (2)

My very favorite part of the kitchen was the island’s wooden countertop. It made the kitchen feel warm and inviting, and the wood looked so rich! I SHOULD have asked the builder how he made this as it was gorgeous–about 2.5 inches thick, and it looked like a solid slab (not like butcherblock), though I can’t fathom that this was one piece. It had routed edges and was beautiful. So shiny.

Beachy House Tour (3)

On the opposite side of the kitchen was this built in wine rack, and in the hallway to the left, there was a drinking fountain! The family who built this custom home has four young boys, and I thought this was the PERFECT touch.

Beachy House Tour (6)

The kitchen was open to the sunny living room. I have a huge weakness for orb lights like that one, and in this house, it complimented the rounded ceiling perfectly. Also, that is patterned carpet–not a rug–that DUH, I also love.

Beachy House Tour (7)

Here’s the first floor master bedroom. I DIED. This is what my future bedroom will look like…and it will DEFINITELY have that tufted bench at the end of our bed.

Beachy House Tour (10)

To the right of the above picture was the master bathroom. I love the trend of mounting lights directly onto the mirror–it basically doubles the amount of light and makes everything look so sparkly.

Beachy House Tour (11)

Here was the laundry room and wrapping station (wheee! sheeep!)

Beachy House Tour (15)

The stairs going up to the second floor led into this nautical loft area–perfect for snuggling four small boys, amIright?

Beachy House Tour (18)

There was one guest room on the second floor with this beautiful bathroom.

Beachy House Tour (19)

Isn’t it cute?

Beachy House Tour (20)

Here is the guest bedroom. Again, what’s with all the light? Not fair.

Beachy House Tour (21)

AND THEN. Here’s the four boys’ bunk room. How amazing is this? The beds are on the first level and then there’s so much potential for playspaces/forts/nerf gun wars on the second level.

Beachy House Tour (22)

Here’s the boys’ bathroom, which was designed with a sort of locker-room feel. Here’s the boat sink. A teeny urinal was in the nook to the right.

Beachy House Tour (23)

The bathroom had two identical stand-up showers. So smart!

Beachy House Tour (24)

It seems anticlimactic to end with a picture of a shower, but I’m assuming that, if you’re like me, you’re gonna go back up to the top and look at each picture again and again. Once you tire of this house (is that possible!?!), you can check out a Pottery Barn-style house tour here. And then you can just clicking back and forth between these two house tours, as I intend on doing.

GAME: what’s your favorite part? I loved how this family customized their home to meet their needs. And now I want to sleep in a bunk room. Think Ken is game?