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Getting Fancy with Frederick Meijer (in which Ken and Anne prance around some gardens in nice clothes)

Grand Rapids is home to a super nice garden conservatory. I’ve grown up going here and always enjoyed each visit, usually because it involved running around outside and being able to get up close and personal with this huge horse sculpture (as a kid, there’s nothing like getting to touch the artwork…sheesh, I enjoy it just as much as an adult).

But last week when we went, it was a bit different. We were there not to touch the horse or see the gardens or anything like that.

We were there for a swanky private event…thus the nice clothes.

Luckily, they still let us run about the gardens.

frederick meijer gardens

Running is pretty tricky in heels, so I actually kept to a more dignified pace most of the time.

Every year, they have a butterfly exhibit, when they hatch all these cocoons and let the butterflies flit about in the garden.

frederick meijer gardens butterfly exhibit

Outside the main garden with the butterflies are several smaller gardens that are no less interesting…for example, here’s the carnivorous plant room. Watch your step…

frederick meijer gardens carnivorous plants room

Here is my good-looking husband and better-looking former roommate.

frederick meijer gardens

Also. CHECK THIS OUT. The terrarium of all terrariums. This puts my little succulent terrarium to shame (it’s 90% dead at the moment anyway…). I tried to think of ways to smuggle this bad boy out with me, but Ken thwarted every plan I came up with. The nerve.

frederick meijer gardens victorian terrarium

Despite my frustration at the thwartation, I nicely posed for a picture in the Victorian room. We clean up nicely.

frederick meijer gardens april 18
After cavorting about the gardens, we were then rounded up, confined, and forced to eat a 14oz pork loin and cheesecake. The agony.

Anyway. If you’re ever in Grand Rapids (especially when the weather’s nice or around Christmas time!), you definitely need to check out Frederick Meijer Gardens, if, for no other reason than to stick your finger in a carnivorous plant for the thrill of it.

That is all.