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Roughing It (in which Ken and Anne go camping in the barren wilderness, aka a campground)

This weekend, Kenny and I went camping! We went with two of our dearest friends and their stinking adorable puppy, Phoebe. Camping with a dog is THE WAY TO GO, hands down. Don’t even question the logic–the next time you head out to the wilderness, grab the dog nearest to you and take it. You won’t regret it.

I managed to snap a few pictures on my ipod during the weekend since I could not be troubled to take actual photos on my actual camera. In the wilderness, technology doesn’t get a second thought. But I’m thankful that I have these photos, and of course I am going to subject you to pictures of our vacation. Hunker down. This slideshow is gonna be a good one.

Here is the car packed to the brim and Ken and Anne’s happy faces.

2 camping

Those happy faces would not last long–setting up a tent is one of the biggest stressors of our marriage. Both of us think we can do it best–and neither of us really know how to to do it well…

But we do know how to do camping food right. Here are steaks over the fire–seriously the BEST steak I’ve ever consumed–and a breakfast scramble. Everything tastes about 6x better in the wilderness, so we eat about 6x as much as we need to.

1 camping

Oh, and did I mention that our friends brought their puppy, Phoebe?!? This small bundle of fur brought us so much joy and laughter. ‘Twas good for the soul.

3 camping

Phoebe LOVED the beach (we camped on the shores of Lake Michigan, duh), and when Kenny and our friend Steve were playing frisbee while the sun set, Phoebe would tirelessly chase the frisbee as fast as her short little legs would take her. Kelli and I were in stitches watching.

4 camping

Though the tent set-up was stressful, our home away from home served us well. Let’s not talk about the constantly deflating air mattress.

5 camping

Now we’re rubbing lotion into our sunburn, cleaning melted ice and mud out of the cooler, and still finding sand in every nook and cranny of our backpacks, but it’s a happy type of exhaustion.

Wish I could do this every weekend…anyone else in?