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Hey Girl (in which my husband soundly trumps Ryan Gosling)

It is a well-known fact that my husband is an attractive man, so I thought I’d commemorate the upcoming holiday with some things that Kenny may have (or may not have) said that tickle my fancy.

Rustic Wedding Hey Girl

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Thrift Store Date Hey Girl

My love of thrifting runs wide and deep. Here, here, and here are a few posts commemorating that love.

DIY Haircut

(I wouldn’t say that my husband is high-maintenance, per se, but he has been rather protective of his haircuts of late.)

Coupons Hey Girl

That man knows I love to save me some money. Here’s how we got our 42″ TV for $99 and here’s one of many posts where I detail my love of coupons.

Dinner Hey Girl

He’s a good, good man.

I should note that (since my mother is now probably worrying about the strength of our marriage) Ken has veto power over everything I put on the blog. He’s kind of like the president in that way. And, while he didn’t explicitly veto anything in this post, this is the face he made (over and over) as I showed these to him.

Ken's response

I took that as a sign of both his approval and of his undying love for me.

Over and out.

Almost. Linking up here.

NOW I’m over and out.

(Hmmm. That phrase doesn’t have quite the same emphatic-ness the second time you say it, huh? Ponder that one for a sec.)

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A Typical Bauman Supper (in which I make dinner and my husband makes a rival dinner)

Last night, I made dinner for my husband. It was a delightful little concoction of my own invention, and I had hurried home from work to have this ready by the time he got home. As I spooned it onto our plates, to my surprise, I realized that I had not made enough pasta–a totally opposite problem from the one I normally have. (Am I the only one who has serious issues when it comes to measuring pasta?)

We sat down and ate the meal together nonetheless and discussed the day’s events. I though all was well.

BUT THEN, once we finished, Kenny got up and began making more pasta.

“Since we have extra sauce,” he said, in explanation.

However, NOT ONLY did he put water on to boil, he also hauled out our bag of frozen chicken pieces and began defrosting a breast in the microwave. It was then that I began to feel a wee bit affronted. I remained silent, though, to see what he would come up with.

As his ingredients cooked, we read the Advent devotional we’re working through. Not only a good reminder of the reason for the season, it was also a good reminder to be nice to my husband.


We finished today’s reading, and he finished up cooking the second supper.

Sidenote: we lit the Advent candles at church last Sunday. Kenny read from Luke 2 (and wore a suit!), and I am happy to report that I did not accidentally light the white candle.

Here’s his finished creation. I made him put it on a clean plate solely for the purpose of this picture, so feast your…eyes. Uh, yum? I am aware that my food photography is a bit lackluster. As is all of my photography.


Basically, he just made a more awesome version of my dinner creation (spaghetti, tomato sauce, cream cheese, and spices). His had meat on it, which I always forget to cook/don’t bother with since it’s too much hassle.

Since his version looked so delicious, I politely begged him for a few morsels, and, being an excellent husband, he shared.

While we were munching down our second supper, I noticed a strange mark on Kenny’s forehead.


I mentioned it to him and he ran to the bathroom mirror to check it out. I may have let out a small chuckle at his consternation. He had no idea what the mark was or how it was inflicted, but I have my theories.

I’m pretty sure this is payback for his dissatisfaction with my first dinner.

However, being that it’s Advent and everything, I kept my suspicions to myself.

So, what is the moral of these ramblings, you wonder? Well, sometimes husbands do have good ideas when it comes to cooking.

Also…I still like him a bunch, especially since he shares.