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Graduation Day (in which I find myself one step closer to retirement)

Today’s the day.

My husband has been working for a large chunk of his life to get to this point…that is (drumroll, please): graduation day from law school.

I could not be more proud of him, so allow me to brag for just a sec.

Preemptively inserting Ken’s response to my bragging:

groom with broken bouttonniere

(That is the face of someone who is a tiny bit secretly pleased. I can tell.)

Way back in the day when Kenny was applying for law schools and I was just a wee one studying during my Junior year of college, I got a phone call from this attractive man that I was dating (spoiler alert: itwasKen).

He proceeded to inform me that he’d just received a letter informing him that he was the recipient of a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP to go to law school.

I was positive I was being punk’d, so I kept my cool.

*Sidenote: it’s not that I think Ken is undeserving of such a scholarship. In fact, I think that he is the MOST deserving. But I also realize I am a bit biased.

“Whaaaaat?” I said, calmly/skeptically, certain I’d misheard.

“Not even joking a little,” he responded.

I am a little embarrassed to say that it took me way longer than it should have for him to convince me that he was for real. Here, I am giving you a special insight into our relationship…you can discern from my skepticism that Ken has, in the past, perhaps just once or twice, pulled the wool over my eyes. Being a trusting individual (at least before we started dating), I believed his crazy, made up stories one too many times and was not going to let him get the better of me.

Anyway, fast-forward to today. That mythical, yet entirely real, full-ride scholarship has been a HUGE blessing. My husband had worked incredibly hard to get through law school. He’s done it well, and has even picked up a few honors along the way (note: not just ones that I’ve made up).

In honor of this special occasion, I’ve taken the liberty of creating another “hey girl” meme of Ken. He loves it when I do this.

hey girl stay at home wife

That Ken’s a charmer, that’s for sure. You can see more charming “hey girl” memes of Ken here. It’s worth the click, trust me.

Anyway. I’ll spare you the sappy stuff and just reiterate that yes, I married a keeper.



One Last Hey Girl and a New Face Accessory (in which I finally–and ironically–conform)

I was blown away last week by all of the nice comments about my hot husband on my “Hey Girl” post, so let’s consider this a bit of an encore, shall we? But first, let’s preface it with this delightful gif* from last week’s Community episode. Jeff is the ultimate hipster.

britta from community wearing hipster glasses

*A GIF is a graphical interchange format which is a popular format for image files, with built in data compression (got that from Google). It is pronounced like the peanut butter…there’s even an authoritative website called if you want to argue about it.

Here’s Kenny’s fictitious (or not so fictitious…) response to my newest face accessory.

Hey Girl Hipster Glasses

Trendsetter I am not (though it is very sweet of Kenny to fictitiously say so), but I did get me some hipster glasses.

jacob marc coastal 4028

I got these  from, where your first pair is free. All you have to do is call up your eye doctor and get your prescription, chose your frames, and use the promo code FIRSTPAIRFREE. I did have to pay $13.44 for shipping and handling, but seriously, where else can you get glasses with prescription lenses for under $15 bucks? These are Joseph Marc in the color “tortoise” but are sold out now, but  if you’re in the market for some big ole’ hipster glasses I’d recommend that brand or their Derek Cardigan brand.

Ordering them was easy; now I just have to work up the courage to actually wear these in public. That will be the hard part. 🙂


Hey Girl (in which my husband soundly trumps Ryan Gosling)

It is a well-known fact that my husband is an attractive man, so I thought I’d commemorate the upcoming holiday with some things that Kenny may have (or may not have) said that tickle my fancy.

Rustic Wedding Hey Girl

For some reference, check out our wedding here.

Thrift Store Date Hey Girl

My love of thrifting runs wide and deep. Here, here, and here are a few posts commemorating that love.

DIY Haircut

(I wouldn’t say that my husband is high-maintenance, per se, but he has been rather protective of his haircuts of late.)

Coupons Hey Girl

That man knows I love to save me some money. Here’s how we got our 42″ TV for $99 and here’s one of many posts where I detail my love of coupons.

Dinner Hey Girl

He’s a good, good man.

I should note that (since my mother is now probably worrying about the strength of our marriage) Ken has veto power over everything I put on the blog. He’s kind of like the president in that way. And, while he didn’t explicitly veto anything in this post, this is the face he made (over and over) as I showed these to him.

Ken's response

I took that as a sign of both his approval and of his undying love for me.

Over and out.

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NOW I’m over and out.

(Hmmm. That phrase doesn’t have quite the same emphatic-ness the second time you say it, huh? Ponder that one for a sec.)

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