Planting Sequoias

In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.


Hexagon Magazine Collage (in which I use cut and paste skills I acquired as a kindergartner)

Oh hello there!

I actually did a craft recently.

I know, I know, shocker. It’s not all beach nights and travel planning and fancy dinners and floods around here.

So. Now that I’ve decorated the apartment once, we’re now into the redecorating phase of our lives.

You’ve seen this picture over our sink before, have you not? (Please ignore our cabinets. They are gross. Part of the grossness is because that’s actually a sticker that looks like wood on the side of the cupboard there…).

umbrella art over sink in kitchen

Well, it’s not there anymore. Now this seascape hangs above the sink, and I used the blue frame on this deer painting.

But that left me with the picture itself. I still like the umbrella painting/collage/drawing (whatever it is), so I flipped it over and used the other side.

Using magazines, I cut out dozens of 2 inch hexagons and played around with color patterns.

hexagon rainbow art with magazines

We lived with this non-glued artwork on the living room floor for a few days, because it was quite fun to see all of the hexagons go flying at the slightest gust of air (not).

Soon I got to gluing, and once I’d glued everything down, I layered on some mod podge.

cover hexagon collage with mod podge

Once it dried, I styled it in our bedroom on the bookshelf. We needed some height on that top shelf, and this artwork delivered.

Not to mention color. I like color, and our bedroom decor is lacking in that department (Oh, and here‘s the tutorial for the doily wreath on the second shelf).

hexagon artwork

This craft owes its life to my friend and inspiration BL, who did a much nicer and much larger version of this that I’m still lusting over. Perhaps I can stealthily take a picture of it the next time I’m at her place and share, because it is gorgeous…

So. Operation “make a craft out of everything” continues. (Not really; I just made that up. But it is kind of what my creative life looks like right now). I need to get to work and write a book or something.

What have you re-crafted lately?



String Art (in which I admit to using litter in a craft project)

I’ve been known to do some strange things in the name of crafts, but usually I try to sugar-coat things a tiny bit so I don’t come off looking completely crazy.

This time, there’s no way around it.

I found the basis of the craft in the lawn of my last apartment complex.

“One man’s trash is a crazy girl’s crafting jackpot,” right? I of course couldn’t pass up this up.

After furtively glancing around to see if anyone was in the near vicinity, I snatched up this awesome slab of wood. Where it came from is anyone’s guess, since there was absolutely no lumberjack-type activities going on around me. It’s about 7 inches wide and tall and half an inch thick on one side and it tapers down to nothing on the other side.

Wood with nails

It’s been living in various frames and gallery walls over the past year, but I finally got to work to make it a little different.

I pounded in some short nails (which my husband so kindly continues to point out that aren’t evenly spaced–whatever, I eyeballed it) and got out some leftover embroidery floss left over from my Star Wars cross-stitch sampler. Which I originally purchased from the Goodwill in an ancient cross-stitch kit that you were supposed to make into a bucking horse with a rider.

embroidery floss

I then wrapped and knotted and wrapped some more, and now I have sweet three-dimensional artwork on a piece of trash.

string art

I guess the moral of this post is that sometimes picking up other people’s garbage can turn out okay after all.