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Antique Doorknob Hooks (in which I continue to let Dad produce content for the blog and pass it off as my own)

My Dad is the type of guy who can do just about anything handy…or if he doesn’t know how to do something, he gives it a shot anyway and it usually turns out just fine. This particular skill is very helpful around the farm when he has to birth a sheep or fix a tractor or make Mom happy as was the case recently. Consider this a bonus Master Bedroom Makeover post.

On the farm, there is usually a surplus of old stuff in every nook and cranny, which made for a very entertaining childhood. I still frequently go back and roam around looking for cool stuff that I can permanently borrow and repurpose…like I did with this old barnwood sign I made with a board I found destined for the burnpile.

Anyway, Mom had a whole bag of antique glass doorknobs that she thought function great as hooks in the made-over master bedroom. She was right. But first Dad had to do a little reconfiguring to make these doorknobs into hooks.

supplies to make a doorknob hook

The process involved cutting little pieces of metal to fit underneath the round doorknob piece and then welding on a small bit of square threaded screw (see the piece to the left in the picture above). I’m not exactly certain of how exactly Dad did this, but it probably involved sparks and very hot items. But don’t worry; farmer Dad is also a firefighter so he’s qualified to do this.

Once he created the metal bit, it was only a matter of screwing that into the board and batten (yes, I flinched a teeny bit to see the pristine b&b marred in such a way).

how to screw a doorknob hook into board and batten

Here’s what it looked like before we screwed on the doorknob itself. Mom elected to keep the aged patina of the metal the way it was.

how to screw a doorknob hook into board and batten

Then we just screwed on the doorknob. Dad let me help with this part.

antique doorknob hook

Here’s a better look at where we put some of the doorknob hooks. Now they’re all ready to hold barncoats and crocheting bags.

antique doorknob hooks on board and batten

The artwork may be changing, but we’re definitely nearing the end of the master bedroom makeover. It’s a good thing, too, since they’re deep in the midst of lambing season on the farm and Dad’s attention is frequently needed elsewhere…those lambs require a lot of supervised playtime and photoshoots. 🙂

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