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Flashback Friday: A Story of a TV Stand (in which I realized I really loved my boyfriend/fiance/husband)

There are many reasons why I fell in love with the man who is now my husband.

It may have been because he is so smart. He is basically a genius, after all. These days, he studies for the bar exam about 23 hours a day.

Or it may have been because he is great with kids. He could say something super mean to campers and they would love it. Not sure how/why.

Or it may have been simply the fact that he put up with yours truly. That, I must sometimes admit, has got to be a tough job.

But one time when I knew for sure that he was the one for me was when he took it upon himself to build me some furniture.

Ladies, if a man decides to build you some furniture, SNAP HIM UP.


Long long ago, when Ken and Anne were not yet married and Ken was still in law school, he decided to build us a TV stand. He sort of used some plans from Ana White but mostly just did his own thing.

I should mention that Ken (before this time, of course) had NO carpentry skills or experience whatsoever. Unless it was building a Pinewood Derby car. I think everyone who participated in weekday church programs did that though, so it doesn’t count.

Building a TV Stand

Oh, and I should also mention that Ken did this without a workshop of any kind. Unless you count the livingroom of his 600ish square foot apartment. Sawdust got everywhere.

At my request, he stained the top and painted the bottom.

TV stand detail

And now it is perfect.

We go back and forth on wanting to add doors. Our hesitation stems mainly from the fact that neither of us want to mess this up and hinges confuse us. I’ve debated making fabric curtain-y things to hide our games, but I don’t want our house to become to shabby-chic. We’ve already got a ton of doilies in the bedroom

So for now, it stays as it is, which is fine with me. After all, Kenny built it. Himself.

Can you tell I’m a wee bit proud?