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Terrarium Menagerie (in which I battle an infestation of the plastic variety)



I’m just gonna get it out there…

I’ve already killed one of the plants in my terrarium.

Now that it’s out in the open, we can move along to more fun things.

Like plastic animals.

The turtle I recently adopted from Massachusetts, but the little elephant and dinosaur were Kenny’s when he was a youngster. I had way too much fun going through his action figures to select the ones that would come home with me.

I picked these up from his parents’ house so I could disguise the gaping hole that was left in my terrarium after the recent plant death.

The elephant in the back, though he would look awesome and majestic in a terrarium habitat, is meant for a different crafty idea.

It’s sort of weird–all of the plants were thriving and I was quite proud of myself, but then one day I noticed a dead leaf on one of the plant. The next day, it was 5 dead leaves. The next day, the whole thing was a withered mess. I will spare you that picture.

But check out the height of the tallest plant–it’s totally grown!

See? Here’s the original terrarium pic. Yes, it was the finger-like one that died.

I miss those groping fingers…

…but am quite enjoying the company of those new disproportionate critters.