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Bedroom Christmassy-ness (in which a tiny box of ornament hooks evokes way more emotion that it should)

It was an innocent looking package that nearly drove me insane.

Granted, the whole ordeal was basically my fault (though it pains me to admit it) because I was stubborn.

You see, this little box of hooks had a nifty perforated window on the back, from which you could withdraw each ornament hook. Attach said hook to ornament, arrange on tree, and voila! a perfect little Norman Rockwell moment.

HA! Not so at my house.

The little window on the back looked like this.

As you can imagine, it was terribly difficult to get the hooks out, for two reasons. First, that hole is really small. Second, the hooks were, well, hook-shaped. Which meant that they hooked onto each other like a parasite onto its host. And me, being the …focused… individual that I am, insisted (to myself, no less) that I carry on like this until I was thoroughly enraged with these tiny inanimate objects.

Next year, someone please remind me to just open the whole thing and dump the hooks into a bowl and thankyouverymuch for not questioning my absurd actions (or lack thereofthis year.

Anyway, I Christmas-ized our bedroom despite the hooks.

Since our unofficial “color scheme” (I say that like I had a plan) for our tree was red and gold, I was left with a lot of green and silver ornaments, which I hung around the room.

It’ll be your job to spot them all, kind of like an “I Spy” book, okay?

Actually, the voice of reason (aka, my husband) convinced me that the ornaments on the lamps were weird. The Voice of Reason likes to think he is normally right, which in this case, he totally was, so the ornaments no longer remain on the lamps.

If you squint real hard at this picture, you can see the festive decor I put in the frame for the season.

I hung up this realistic-looking garland (amIrightorwhat) (pleasesensethesarcasm) up on the window and decorated the curtain with little tin icicles.

Oh, and I made the bed. 🙂

At this point in our lives, we’re not about to invest in a new color scheme for Christmas each year, but by working with what we had, I think things turned out just fine. Tomorrow I’ll show ya’ll our living room.

Oh, and my advice to you? Be patient with ornament hooks (they can’t help who they are) and do yourself a favor and enlist your husband to hand you each one.

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