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Our Church Directory Picture (in which Kenny and I embrace the “meta” photography trend)

As alluded to in our Honeymoon Outtakes post, Kenny and I recently got our church pictures taken.

Disclaimer: though we asked, they did not provide a laser background (sort of like this one).

Without furthur ado, here it is:

the gorgeous glamour shot

Other than Kenny’s slighly poofy hair (my fault: never attack with a comb minutes before the snapshot–rookie wife mistake) and the fact that it looks like I’m biting my lip (it’s just an overbite! not sure if that’s better…), we’re pleased with how this turned out. However, at the last minute, we ditched our coordinating sailor suits and went with the same outfits we wore for our engagement photos. That was probably a mistake as well.

We selected the least weird photo for the church directory, but yes, the photographer did have me put my hands on Ken’s shoulders and get cozy and vice versa. They also try to sell you different products with our faces on it, but they do not offer either mousepads or afghan/tapestries. I inquired about both products and was subsequently disappointed. We declined to purchase anything that night, much to their chagrin.

As soon as we got our complimentary 8×10, we popped it in a frame and tried to figure out what to do with the pic.

We debated putting it in our bedroom so we could watch ourselves when we sleep, but that was a little weird.

on the dresser?

We also tried the kitchen with the idea that we would be reminded of our stunningly good looks as soon as we entered our apartment.

the kitchen?

The TV stand was also a strong contender for the honor of holding our faces. Just think–we could simultaneously watch TV AND gaze at ourselves.

the living room?

Oh, but we were able to quickly rule out the bathroom, though the colors of our outfits were quite complimentary.

the bathroom?

Finally, we gave up on trying to find a home for it and resorted to taking fuzzy photos of ourselves with it.

If this isn’t meta, I don’t know what is.

so meta.

My husband puts up with a lot.

so meta.

In the end, a Geneva sunset picture won out over our faces, so our 8×10 is currently languishing in a box, where it will remain until I scrapbook it.

Which means that this lovely photo of us will never see the light of day again, because I have no intention of scrapbooking anything in the near future or ever, really.

And, uh, this is awkward, but we didn’t order any wallet sizes like we *may* have promised, so I guess you’ll just have to bookmark this post and keep coming back to it instead in order to gaze at our faces.