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Chaco Tan Lines (in which I make you long for summer by sharing photos of my feet)

Late January to March is not my most favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong; I love celebrating MLK day and President’s day with the best of them, but I really like the sun and warmth. Remind me of this when I complain about my car’s lack of air conditioning next summer.

Therefore (and because of my appalling lack of creativity during this time of year), I’d like to share some summery photos from years gone by. Namely, I’d like to share some photos of my Chaco tan.

Warning: The following photos may disgust you. And that’s okay.

Except for this one. You are not allowed to be disgusted by this beautiful photo of my favorite place on Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Chaco  Pic

During the days of my youth, I spent several summers working at a camp on this gorgeous place. Those three months (times 5 summers) were (for lack of a better word) fan-freaking-tastic.

My uniform consisted of tie-dye, athletic shorts, and Chaco sandals. It was perfect.

The sandals, however, did result in a pretty wicked tan line, since they were basically an extension of my body while at camp.

See exhibit A, taken in early July in 2010.

Camp Geneva Chaco Tan

(Do you see how cool my job was?!?)

Here’s exhibit B, taken at Grand Haven in mid-August 2010.

rocking the chaco tan in Grand Haven MI

Unfortunately, that blinding skin color is my current skin color all over. Pasty, pasty white. It’s winter, after all, and I’ve worked in a cubicle for the past 17 months.

I’d revert to my camp uniform in a heartbeat if I didn’t think it would result in both frostbite and a reprimand from Human Resources.