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Wedding Memories (in which we practice how to get married)

Once upon a time, we got married–and it was FANTASTIC. Now, while we’re living out married life (so great), we get to remember our wedding weekend as the photos continue to make their way to us.

Kenny’s Uncle Bob is a fantastic photographer, and we knew we’d want him to take some photos at the wedding. We hired a photographer so the pressure was off for him, so these are just him having fun and shooting the photos he wanted to take. I’m so thankful he was there for the whole weekend, not just the ceremony and reception–as you can see, he captured many special moments that we had–we are so thankful. Here are a few of my favorites from the rehearsal at our church and rehearsal dinner (at Leo’s Restaurant) that he took.

Psalm 100 is one of my very favorites–how appropriate that it is gracing the front of the sanctuary of our church?

Kenny’s aunts and grandma supervising.

Practicing that long, long walk down the aisle.

Pastor Lou Lotz did a great job of explaining the meaning of each part of the ceremony.

Pastor Trygve Johnson did a great job of making everyone laugh–just as necessary!

At Leo’s, for toasts and prayer. Father in-law and Pastor John.

Beloved Geneva friends.

And more friends here.

My Bronkema grandparents.

Mike, doing what he does…best?

Laughter–reunited again!

We are so, so blessed. What a great night filled with happy memories!