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Halloween in November (in which we establish a tradition of celebrating holidays after they occur)

Now that it’s actually over, Halloween has finally arrived for the Bauman household.

Last Thursday, I picked up these for a sweet 50% off. I also had a coupon, so the cake was $.13 and the frosting was $.25. I figured we could afford that.

We embraced the garish sprinkles and are plowing our  way rapidly through this dessert. I may or may not have had this cake for breakfast on Saturday, forgetting that there was perfectly good cereal in the cupboard.

What can I say? The tiny sprinkle bats are mesmerizing. I had to eat them.

We also splurged for my favorite, candy corn, which I spread around the apartment. Now I realize how dangerous a move that was.

It’s tough to resist the snacking urge when they’re so conveniently available, you know?

The terrarium is flourishing (success! I haven’t killed it yet!) because of the company of some more candy corn. Also, the effect of so many sugary sweets on my body makes it hard for me to take a picture that isn’t crooked. Let’s chalk this one up as artsy too.

And finally, there used to be Reese’s in this bowl. That is no longer the case, as they are both Kenny and my favorites.

It also doesn’t help that we both enable each other to devour more chocolate… we tend to “share” with each other to make ourselves feel better about another piece.

So if you were wondering who purchases all that clearance stuff after the holiday–I confess, it’s totally me. I hate paying full price for something, which means that we are a bit behind everyone else on the whole celebrating thing. Which is why we eat candy canes until Easter and Cadbury Eggs until Independence Day…

Who else does this? I KNOW I’m not the only one.